Monday, August 18, 2014

Loopy scarf

I can't claim any credit for this, because I just followed a pattern, but I do think it's the best thing I've made. I made it as a present, but I'm tempted to make another the same for myself. It's an infinity scarf (ie the kind without ends, that's a big loop) and the stitch is a really unusual one called 'broomstick lace'. I followed this youtube tutorial, which although it's long is very clear (I skipped ahead once I'd got the idea of a step).

You essentially make every other row much bigger by making the loops round something (I used a ruler) and then grouping them together to make the pattern.

I liked the colour-changing wool so I did similar, and got this:

The card in the second picture is a lino-cut printed card with the image by Tony (printed by moi). We made a few printed cards earlier this year, but I didn't get round to posting any. I'll have to locate the photos and put them on here.

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