Wednesday, December 13, 2006

my silver ring again

Here's my ring again. Now you might think it looks worse now than it did last time, and you'd technically be right. But it's going to be a zigzag, and those notches will eventually join up. It may take several weeks, but I'll get there.

safety pin brooch

And finally another safety pin brooch, in my favourite colour.

wrap bracelets, rings and random necklaces

This style of wrap bracelet has proved very popular, and although it's really time-consuming, it's not hard to make. I've switched suppliers for the memory wire and now I get an extra loop, but it's a lighter gauge.

I've made a couple of rings in the same style - the person who bought this one asked for a matching bracelet to go with it.

I made another floating necklace. This one's purple with garnets, although the photo doesn't do the colours justice (they never do with gemstones).

And this one's another simple spaced necklace, just grey and black. Striking, but easy to wear.

spaced necklaces

These three necklaces are all made the same way - tigertail threaded with glass beads, spaced with crimps.

twisty wire bracelets

I made these wire bracelets from three strands of black copper wire, threaded with mixed beads of three different shades and twisted together.

some phone charms

I haven't posted in a while because I've been so ridiculously busy. But that certainly doesn't mean I haven't been making stuff - here are some phone charms I did to start you off: