Sunday, June 17, 2012

A psychedelic chicken and a mathematical object

I forgot to post this when I made it back in May. A card was required for a birthday, so psychedelic chicken came to the rescue! I drew a weird chicken with paisley pattern, and cut it out and gave it a speech bubble:

I decided to leave it black and white because I quite liked the effect of the intricate pattern, though it would also look good done in clashing colours. It could be a do-it-yourself colouring card.

To go with the card, I made a fold-out 3D object. I posted it flat, and it has to be assembled by folding each layer at 90 degrees. It's not as neat as I'd have liked because you have to use a craft knife to cut the slits and it turns out it's really hard to cut curves in pearlescent card with a craft knife.

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