Saturday, January 14, 2012

Get well soon card for my granddad

This is a card me and Mr T made for my granddad, who's in hospital with a broken hip (now mended and healing well). It's a kind of collage mounted on an off-white textured card. 

The 'plants' are cut and torn from lots of kinds of paper and card, including glittery, corrugated and hand-made (by me) paper. They're arranged to look vaguely like plants, with 'water' symbolised by the horizontal wavy lines. 

The fish is an image that Mr T drew ages ago, and he copied it and went over it in fineliner. Then I cut it out and stuck it over the top. The hardest part was deciding how to arrange the plants so that they looked best behind the fish (Mr T came up with the final arrangement). 

Inside are three 'bubbles' of handmade paper to contain the words 'get well soon'. I hope he likes it. 

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