Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things for sale on Folksy!

There has been a rather long hiatus, for a number of reasons. First, I can’t blog about things I make in the run-up to Christmas in case their intended recipients see them and spoil the surprise. Second, my main computer died (and is yet to be fixed) so the photos of those things are currently inaccessible. And third, I’ve been insanely busy so I haven’t actually been doing very much in the way of jewellery making. I have been knitting and learning to crochet though, which I’ll write about soon, I promise – I’ve made a scarf inspired by Hugh Dennis. And if that’s not intriguing enough to make you want to learn more, I don’t know what is.

In the meantime, here are some things I have managed to make. First up, a bracelet made with larger size jump rings (I bought the bigger jump ring maker as I liked the little one so much). (Buy it here.)

I discovered that a flush cutter is essential – any other kind of cutter just doesn’t... well... cut it. Side cutters, wire cutters, all a no-no. Flush cutters are the only way to do it so the edge is nice and un-chewed, and you just have to stump up the cash. Mine cost £25. I suspect I was fleeced and they are available for less.

Next, a necklace made using some charm beads I was sent as part of a mixed pack – I think the subscription gift from Beads Unlimited. (Buy it here.)

These, as you might be able to see, are the metal-cored ‘charm’ beads everyone is going a bit mad for. Their large hole means you can do funky things like this with them, and thread them onto chain. The large bead at the bottom is a lampwork bead I’ve had for years. I cut the chain in half, and linked it back together above the beads so that they don’t slide about. It’s fastened with a chunky toggle.

Some earrings, made with black beads and my new-found chain maille technique. (Buy them here.)

And finally, some charms. They all follow the same basic design, a ribbon knotted to form a loop and adorned with whatever charms I could lay my hands on. Some are just joined on with a jump ring, others threaded onto headpins first. The fish in the blue one is jointed, and very cool. They make nice little trinkets, and could attach to a keyring (though not function as one themselves). (Buy the black one here, the blue one here, the green one here and the brown one here.)

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