Tuesday, April 03, 2007

spots, silver and stars

I haven't blogged in ages - it's been a bit tricky getting on the internet in our house because The Tone is on the brink of becoming a world-famous rock star (I hope) so he's been occupying it rather a lot. Still, I've sneaked a slot, so here's a little update.

I got a bead roller, which is really fab (actually, I should have put a picture up - I will do next time). You use it with Fimo or any oven-bakeable modelling clay and it makes regular-sized and shaped beads. I've been having modelling clay fun, making beads like the spotty ones in this bracelet:

And you'll be on tenterhooks waiting to see my latest silversmithing efforts, I know. Well, here's the ring. I'm not sure whether it looks much different from the last time, but in silversmithingland that's several hours' work.

And, excitement knows no bounds, a new project! This is a brooch (or it will be) made in copper with a silver bezel and pin, and a lapis lazuli stone set in it. I've slightly cheated for this picture, as I haven't set the stone yet but you get the idea. And obviously that nasty muck'll all be removed and it'll be fabulousy shiny when it's done. There's only one week left, though it's the Easter holidays at the minute. My last session will be the 17th April and that should be finished then. I think I have to leave it to be assessed but I can have it back in May.

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